A good friend of mine from college days once said it best… “that’s no flower box thats a freakin’ garden!”   This last weekend Puttin’ on the Ritz stepped up; got out of the kitty pool and went to play with the big kids .

Just a few years back Alyssa Klavans dropped off Benny as a sale prospect.  Alyssa had gotten Benny as a youngster and did the initial breaking all on her own.  As she had to devote herself more to college and the needs of adult life Benny was leased out to other riders and this just didn’t suit him… at all!  Luckily Alyssa and her family agreed that Benny needed an outlet in life that he liked, as when he didn’t like something it was well noted by anyone around him and not good for anyone!

Long story short, Benny, as you can see in the above videos, LOVES his new career.  This has not always been an easy road, he has definitely joined me on the roller coaster life of eventing.  Lucky for both of us, Dick, Nancy and Alyssa have buckled in and stayed along for the ride.  At Waredaca all the pieces fell into place and man it was fun.  I believe that our support crew on the ground felt the happiness as much as Benny and I did.  It’s this immense joy when athleticism, training and a little luck come together that I am striving for at all times.

Robyn Weaver enjoyed much of the same type of feeling as she also had a grand weekend at Waredaca with Goreshille Belle who is an Irish Mare owned by Sophie Hulme.  I was so thrilled with the wonderful jump rounds that Robyn put in and it was made even better as Betsy Weaver and Sophie were there to witness the fun.

On another note the other horses and riders we took to Waredaca all had some good pieces and some “learning” parts.  The good news is everyone is safe, had some fun, and will be hard at work to get better to go back for that “feeling” on another day.

I feel incredibly lucky right now; I have the ride on Puttin on the Ritz and currently own two other lovely up and coming horses.  I want them each to be solid at their current levels before moving up- the end of this season is education for next year.  I really see all 3 of these horses competing in some good FEI events in 2014.  Until then its my job to work on all of our weak points and keep highlighting our strengths.

In addition to that I would like to find a way to share my roller coaster ride in this sport of eventing with other people.  This is where my readers come in.
What do you feel is the best way to do this?
Syndicate individual horses?
Make groupings of horses so people own more than one horse (but small enough pieces to make that possible)

Please email me ideas!  As I said, I feel blessed to be where I am at, sitting on the animals that I have… now I want to make the most out of it and I realize that this will be more possible and a whole lot better with a team.