There comes a time here on the East Coast where eventers have had ENOUGH of the frigid cold. No more inch-thick layers of ice on water buckets, frozen pipelines, snowballs in horses shoes and let’s face it – five layers of clothes.

When we get to this frozen state we head south, yes like geese, to Aiken, SC.

No we are not leaving this early, although Hurricane Irene isn’t making us feel warm inside at the moment, however Molly is proud to announce that the Havarah team will head back to Pine Ridge Stables in Aiken and this year we get the 10 stall barn. Whoot whoot!

Last year we had the seven stall barn, and though it was fantastic and we made it work with the 13 horses, we are excited for the upgrade to the 10 stall barn with more ammeneties.

Plus, we have added on a new member to the Havarah Team, Robin Weaver, who has already excitedly confirmed her participation in the 2012 Aiken adventure. Thus we will now have two houses to house the growing group of Havarah Equestrians.

Last year, Molly was excited to have a great group of new eventers and this year she is overjoyed to not only bring along the babies in the warm weather but continue to campaign our developing stream of upper-level competitors.

Another great point is that everyone seems to be in sync with one another and we are ready to take on the Aiken eventing scene!

Aiken is not only a great place to get away from the cold weather but it is the perfect setting to start out the season right for both lower and upper level event horses. Molly always comes back from her winter months feeling energized and prepared for the strenuous competitions on our home ground.

So stay tuned for the Aiken blogs – it will be here before we know it!

If you’re interested in being a part of Aiken make sure to contact to get your spot reserved!

Check out our new digs!