Seems a bit ironic that we are celebrating our first full week in Aiken with a snow storm….hmmm. It’s probably the only way to get eventers to slow down, do laundry and relax.

This year we are making Farmfield Plantation our home away from home and so far all the horses are very happy. I’ve attached some photos to show you some of the sights the horses have been getting on their rides out as well as our view that we get watching them from the overhead apartment.

Robyn Weaver joined us for the first week as did Ann, Madees mom. Having an extra rider for week one ensured all the horses got right to work enjoying their time out of the indoor. We took one set to Paradise for Xc schooling and a set of babies to the Hitchcock Woods.

Week two should be fun. The big guys will start their outdoor jumping and Xc schooling in preparation for some oh so soon events at Pine Top. I also very much so look forward to all of the sale horses and babies getting their season started.

My crew this season is top notch. Coming to Aiken is hard work and requires motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic people. We have packed, un packed, walked pastures for holes and any wrongful items, taken temps, organized, cleaned, and kept up with all the other things you need to do to keep a barn full of equine champions happy. And I’m pretty sure everyone is still happy to be here !!