Charly and the team are down to the last few days of withstanding the cold winter in Maryland before our trip down to Aiken, SC for February and March. Yesterday the accumulation of snow from the preceeding storm had a frozen layer of rain on the top and the entire countryside looked like one big ice skating arena. I spent the day running errands and organizing my rig and felt pretty accomplished…I then took things one step too far and attempted to hook up the trailer…oops! Luckily there were a few very friendly people with big trucks around! Bubba got pulled out, stayed hooked up while getting hooked up to the trailer and THEN pulled up and out the driveway! PHEW. It was nice to have help and get that done, but I really REALLY need to work on getting a 4wd truck.

Charly has a few friends coming on the road trip with us. A lovely mare named ULLA (sale horse), Manhatten (an Intermediate horse I’ll be competing in Feb) and Smiley (John Nunn’s young horse). Once I’m down and settled in there will be 1-3 more horses arriving; SO if you’re looking for a few fun months in Aiken, I’d love a working student 🙂