So I think I’m standing alone when I say I’m a little upset right now.

Rob is excited because he won’t have to muck as many stalls for two months.

Kara will have less horses stressing her out and she can re-grow the grass in the paddocks.

The girls are all hyped for a new adventure.

Molly is ready to get some more miles on the upper level horses and is excited to start the new ones.

And I’m sad why?

In about 10 hours Molly, Robyn, Hannah and Maddie will load up the first four horses and leave us here in PA for the warm, southern hospitality that is Aiken, SC.

I’m going to miss them! But enough of the boo-hoo. Aiken is such an exciting adventure and it seems like each year Molly’s business grows and this year a whopping 18 horses are heading south!

They will leave at 4 a.m. with the first group and the destination is Pine Ridge Stables and the luxurious 10-stall barn. Yup, they upgraded this year.

The second load will leave in a van on Tuesday (10 horses) and the last trailer will leave Thursday.

The trailer is all packed and ready to roll, and Bubba (Molly’s trooper of a truck) will have to just make it over one big hill and then it’s smooth sailing to South Carolina.

It snowed this weekend, and we aren’t expecting a blizzard like the one that made the trip a bit interesting last year, so hopefully the trip goes off without a hitch.

To my Havarah Team: Have the best time. Learn tons! Enjoy two months of shows, schoolings, lessons and hacks and we’ll see you when you get back!

To our readers: No worries, I will be stalking the girls to be constantly in-the-know so ya’ll will be continually updated on all the Southern fun!