The last two years I’ve found myself incredibly lucky with very few winter “disruptions” en route to Aiken… our winter oasis.

This year was seeming no different, even easier… I have a lovely barn with an indoor and the horses have all gotten almost all of their normal turnout, riding and such. I learned that I could plug my truck in, which has made winter trips so far a cinch. I knew it was all too good to be true!

Today encountered some winter truck issues (solved now.. but frustrating and disruptive to the days plan) AND the house endured difficulty… water difficulty… water flooding difficulty. That too was handled and will NOT keep the voyage from beginning! Everyone’s still in great spirits, just ready to begin driving!

The next was news that this week could have 2 feet of snow. Hmmmm that could make the trips on Tuesday and Wednesday difficult.. .but NOT impossible!

Aiken here we come 🙂