On Tuesday five horses from the Havarah crew will leave PA and head for Fairburn, GA for the eighth annual Nutrena/USEA American Eventing Championships Presented by Bit of Britain.

The little rock star, Miss Maddie, has been talking AEC since we met her back in December. Like she was bound and determined to make it to training level (which she did) she had a goal set on qualifying for the AEC (which she did… again).

Molly originally was just going to fly down and train Maddie but instead decided that since she had three horses qualified, what the heck! It’s great exposure for all three horses and it will be a great experience for them.

Benny and Rivan will fight for number one in the preliminary divisions while Indie will be easily galloping around the novice course.

John Nunn also decided that since he had his handy PR girl there to man the BOB Publicity tent (Moi) that he would actually use his qualification and ride for the training gold.

It’s a long haul (14 hrs) but us California transplants view these shows as a vacation. It reminds us of the good old days when all the shows were three days, thus constant long weekends including dinners with your barn family.

Plus, none of us have been to Chattahoochee Hills and since we’ve been hearing all the great reviews we thought we’d go check it out for ourselves :).

But even before Tuesday, the crew is heading to Seneca tomorrow (I don’t know how they do it… just thinking about all the showing makes me feel tired… they must actually be REALLY tired!).

Molly will be riding some new-eventers: Delaware Love Doctor “Doc”, Kynymont Cody “Cody”, Kynymont Sterling O’Grady “Grady”, and Alpine “Piny”, These baby eventers will be testing the waters beginner novice, all four show great promise in this line of work.

Maddie will also be taking Zia Zabbata “Zia” to her first event and Quinn Anderson will be riding her pony Google. John Nunn is taking his new ex-racehorse “Red Horse Harry” to his first recognized event and John’s daughter, Jennifer, will be riding her appaloosa mare Made to Show “Maiden”.

Last but not least, Hannah is doing her first recognized event on her young mare, Anna’s Band “Anna”.

So tomorrow should be a nice, fun show for everyone and then pack up and head to Georgia!

If you’re going to be down south for the AEC make sure to look for us and come hang out!

To check out Molly’s ride times at the AEC go to The Chattahoochee Hills Website.

I’ll try and keep you all up to date when we are down there, however no promises… I’m not sure how the internet situation will be… if not I’m sure there will be a live scoring that you can stalk us all with :).

That’s all for now! Can you believe it is already September?