Here in Aiken MK Equestrian is keeping plenty busy!  We have had a great first month full of horsey related activities.  LOTS of horse shoppers this year, which is great as we have a wonderful selection of horses for sale.  In the next few days I’ll be posting about some exciting new homes for various MKE horses.  

We have also gotten to do quite a bit of cross country schooling and competing even though it’s only February!  MKE is lucky to have the help of Hannah Metz and Katie Mays; it truly takes tough, determined, and fiesty ladies to keep up with a schedule like ours!  Last weekend we took the BIG boys to Pine Top and rode over Derek DiGrazia’s new Pine Top courses and I am more than ever excited and proud of the horses and students I have.  There was some very good success in ribbons with Camilla Grover-Dodge finishing in 1st and 3rd – a great prep for her first Preliminary outing next weekend!  Puttin on the Ritz, owned by the Klavans family, finished a strong 2nd in his Preliminary which will lead him into his first Intermediate of the year.  I’m also extremely proud to have gotten The Diesel Boy around his first Intermediate of 2015 which seemed almost like an Advanced track!  I had one rider steering issue; other than that he was rock solid.  Bristol Indian jumped a double clear in the BIG SJ of Intermediate and I learned an extremely valuable lesson about xc riding on Sunday… I’m so lucky to have such a smart horse like this one and can’t wait for the rest of our xc together.  
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`Molly and the MKE south team