In just about 36 hours I’ll be starting my first event of 2015 with THE DREAM TEAM.  That’s right, a few of the best horses a girl could ask to work with, some of the most fabulous girls to attend to these special horses every need, an amazing coach and YES even my husband.

I couldn’t be happier with our pre-season preparations. The beginning of January was well spent in the indoor working on some flat work basics and then the last half was here in Aiken getting the horses out and about- getting fit!  We had a great XC school at the amazing GIBBES Farm and today we were put on point at Phillip’s southern training facility.

I expect as things go that I’ll come out of Pine Top with even a longer list of things that I want to polish and finesse… after all that’s what us professional riders do… strive for better!

I promise to fill this blog with lots of pictures and videos in the very near future.  For now I’d like to share a link to a blog I wrote for Eventing Nation.  This is an important time in my life and although this is a HUGE decision I’ve made, I am feeling great about it.

Thanks for following along with our adventures!