As Molly admitted a couple weeks ago – one show was not so perfect but a great learning experience for both horse and rider.

Although she has now been in the business and atop our four legged friends for quite some time now, Molly is very humble in saying she is still, and will always, be a student to these animals.

But if you have ever met Molly Rosin, you know one thing is for sure – she is incredibly patient and she uses her understanding of a horse’s (or even a person’s) weakness, to figure out how to strengthen them.

It was such a rewarding phone call yesterday when I heard from Alyssa Klavans that Molly and Benny not only had a successful go around the prelim course at Full Gallop, but rather they won.

Benny’s weakest phase has always been his dressage and thus when he scored a 26.8, everyone was floored and extraordinarily proud of this young event horse.

Alyssa (who shares ownership of Benny with her mother Nancy, and father, Dick Klavans), felt an enormous amount of pride watching her horse, who she has owned since his very early years, soar around the cross country course like superman.

I’m sure Molly feels a huge sense of pride and joy because she was able, in two weeks time, to take a horse who had lost some confidence and instill so much confidence he did not waver in his class.

Benny has always shown so much potential, and he has always been a “personality” here at Havarah. So, we are all incredibly excited that he is reaching new heights.

Alyssa is ecstatic that she gets to continue watching her horse grow in the sport of eventing. She feels it’s a very exciting time for Benny and is excited to see where the opening of this door takes him.

Again, a shout out and thanks to all those owners here at Havarah. Molly takes pride in riding your wonderful horses and enjoys working with them on a daily basis – so we thank you for making this possible!

Click here to see a video of Benny!