Before I start the next profile, I wanted to again thank everyone for their continual support of Molly and Clyde. We will continue to keep you posted on his progress and if you wish to donate to his recovery please find donation links at the end of each Clyde related blog.

Now, it is time to get you back on track with getting to know our horses at Havarah.

The next little lady to enjoy the spotlight it Zia – I call her a warrior princess (I mean doesn’t her name sound like one?) – standing at 15h Zia is a petite, but talented, 4 year old TB mare.

Zia came to Molly from well-known racehorse trainer, Janet Elliot, back in November or December.

When she arrived, she was an adorable mini mare standing at 14.1h. A pony thoroughbred!

She was completely green – but I could instantly tell she was intelligent. It’s just one of those mare things I love: when you teach her something, she pays attention and learns fast.

Zia stayed out in pasture when we went to Aiken – at the time she had just turned four – to relax and mature. When we were down in Aiken, Molly was planning on selling her as a pony racer – but that changed when we got back – SHE GREW!

Zia’s training really began when we got back from Aiken, but now she is one of Molly’s working students, Shadney’s, favorite rides.

She is a good little jumper too – consistent between fences and as I said before, smart.

This mare is not at all mareish. I really haven’t seen her be cranky or purposely nasty, she really is an upbeat filly. Always peeking her head out her window welcoming your arrival with a whinny.

She has the most peculiar facial marking, it starts as a blaze, but then curves off to the left in the middle of her face, never making it down to her nose. In addition, she has the kindest eyes.

As you may have guessed this little girl is for sale. She’s waiting to be some one’s talented little project, so If you are interested email