Ok, that’s not her ACTUAL show name – but wouldn’t it be awesome!?

This little, talented mare is for sale!

She is a 4 year old TB mare, 15 hands, athletic, and cute as a button. She is a blood-bay, with a very pretty and interesting marking on her face. I’ll call it a blaze – but check out the pics to see!

She has just started competing but is ready for more! Molly is confident she could be doing novice and jumpers shows by next year (two months away) but has the ability for training and beyond.

Zia has a lovely natural suspension to her step and is very well balanced over fences at an early age. With her eager to please behavior combined with her outstanding work ethic she’s shown real promise as either an event horse or a jumper!

Plus, she is very smart and is fast to learn! For more information, email molly@mollyrosin.com! AND check out these awesome photos!

~Molly Gasiewicz