We lucked out and had terrific weather (and footing!!!) at Connie Arthur’s last weekend, I think I can speak for the group and say we all had a blast! I really like Connie’s for the nice introduction to XC in a calm relaxed environment. I would like to set up another trip over there and want to run a few dates by everyone and get feed-back as to what would work. May 6-7 May 20-21 May 27-28 (this is also the weekend of Woodside) June 17-18 AS for recognized horse trials we are planning on trips to Galway May 13-14th (this show has a schooling day for dressage tests and sj rounds on Friday); and also Moorpark, June 3-4th. Let me know which ones, if either, you would like to participate in so I can best help you get there. I’ll also be letting you know about un-recognized events as they come about and fit into the schedule.