MK Equestrian is looking for a new working student.  I feel like there are many barns available that offer such positions and as many things in life each barn is going to offer a slightly different learning experience and will suit different people and their needs.

We have “raised” quite a few eager junior riders and I think that with the right attitude and ambition we can provide a really good education in horse care and help grow your skills as a rider/trainer and competitor.  Some of the past working students have gone on to compete at the NAYRC, Pan Am games, American Eventing Championships and some have gone on to other careers in the horse industry while others have decided that the more traditional true college/career path was right for them.  
We are based at Principia Stables in Kirkwood, PA for most of the year.  At this facility we have some sales horses to train, compete and advertise and some “competitors” getting ready for events throughout the year from BN to CCI levels.  At most times we are caring for 20+ horses.  The facility includes an indoor arena and outdoor fields and access to wonderful hacking and gallops.  We are centrally located to many events and XC schooling opportunities.  For 8 weeks of each year we stay in Aiken, SC to utilize the kinder climate in the winter and to get the horses out XC schooling and competing.
I can tailor the program to fit the needs of each individual.  Housing, board and training all available in exchange for the working student.  For further information please send me information about yourself including your goals and needs.  
Looking forward to hearing more about you and seeing how MK Equestrian can help you and your horse!
Molly Kinnamon