To catch all of you up-to-date- week one in Aiken was slightly painful for me and lots of work for my three great helpers. I had a very blonde/clutsy moment walking down some too well cleaned wooden stairs at 3am in PA (getting ready to take the last set of horses to Aiken). My little feet were too excited to get on the road and I slipped and fell. Not wanting to stay for another storm I sucked it up and got on the road- all was good until I couldn’t get out of bed the next day. Then the panic came that perhaps I broke something (it definitely hurt that bad). Long story short- I didn’t. However, apparently bone bruising and muscle straining in your back and hip can really take an active girl out of duty for awhile.

I didn’t stay off of the horses for long, but I do have to say I’m enjoying riding a lot more this second week!

In fact, I felt good enough today to pull out the BIG horse- Havarah’s Charly. Chuckles was full of smiles as I showed him the sights around the farm and the great riding trails and track that we have. I don’t know if his smile was the biggest or that of his helper, Hannah. (my smile was waiting until I knew I was safe back at the barn!) Chunky Monkey gave me a nice ride, enough pep to let me know he’s feeling great but no overly bad behavior.

I’ve been getting some training help from the master himself, Phillip Dutton, on the younger horses and sales horses. Soon Charly and I will go together and get a proper good kick in the *** to get us back into proper winning form.

In 3 days we’ll be in our first event of 2011!!!

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