Go Ravens! I just went to my first east coast Football game; the Ravens fans are un-real! I have never seen so many jersey’s in one stadium ever before, they say it’s one of the loudest stadiums in the country. We had a great wide angle view of the field, and were lucky enough to have good weather…. great night….thanks Bryce!

Charly and I are in our initial stages of winter training trying to beat the cold weather and ride out on good days and hurry to the indoor on colder days. Charly is doing really well in his work, right now everything is about setting a solid foundation, lots of walking and trotting. I think Charly grew another foot lengthwise, he loves his stretching! Charly and I will be staying in Maryland for another few weeks and then off to train in Aiken, SC for the rest of the winter to prepare for the Spring events and take advantage of a few competitions early on out there.