The week started off with a bang when the team went cross country schooling before Full Gallop at Jumping Branch.

Hannah was extremely excited because she got to take her mount Zhen and they were able to school some training obstacles, which I could tell made Hannah pretty happy.

At Full Gallop yesterday the stars of the show were Bugsy, o inwned by Patty Gillin and Piney, owned by Susie Bardell.

Bugsy performed fabulously for his first show ever. Molly says he was a bit distracted in dressage but jumped around like a pro and finished just shy of 3rd place because of some time spent learning about water.

Piney put in a great performance (however we are convinced the dressage judge just didn’t like pintos because her score was a bit unfair) but everyone was proud of this sweet mare.

John Nunn took Red Horse Harry to their first event in Aiken and though John admits dressage leaves much room for improvement they jumped around great. True to form for this young OTTB.

The Four Kynymont youngsters were taken out for their first jumping outing today (Rio, Tipper, Br ehea and Jessie), However Jessie, miss Clydesdale/TB was the star of the show, jumping around like a natural hunter.

John took his two, Red Horse Harry and Smiley, and after six tests he was ready to kick his feet up and call it a day!

A bit of exciting news crossed my path as at 6:30 tomorrow morning Havarah will be saying goodbye to Indie and he will head off to his new home with Kelly Taylor! We will have more information on this new union soon!

But wait – the week isn’t over yet! The big wigs, Sabrina, Benny and Rivan will try their hands at Pine Top this weekend.

PHEW! I’m exhausted typing all the updates – and I just sit on a couch. Molly says the girls are keeping up fabulously – and admits – they probably have more energy than she does at the moment.

No worries Mol – you kinda ride a lot of horses…

Hannah is just happy to be back at the shows! In a conversation yesterday I could hear a sigh of relief as she stated “I’m just really loving being back at shows… they are the most fun.”

Agreed Hannah, that is where you shine! Literally, she puts baby oil on EVERYTHING, so if you’re wondering why Molly’s horses always look so shiny and brand new, well I just gave away the secret.

Stay tuned… you know there will be more to come!