I hope this post finds you all enjoying cooler temperatures and less dust, just as I am.  FINALLY it rained.  This last weekend was a tough one, very busy day on Sunday at the Plantation Fields starter trials with exceptionally warm weather.  We survived and I should stop complaining! 

Saturday was wonderful, I had one student competing two horses at Plantation Fields.  A few students and myself brought some young horses over for “hang out time” at the show while we cheered Quinn Anderson on with the flying Palomino Sprite and her amazing Google.  Both mounts did well for her, especially Sprite who came in 6th with one of the only clear jumping rounds of the day wire to wire!

Sunday, well I already said it was hot, besides that it was good .. not great.  I moved a few of the green greenies up to BN and one of them just wasnt quite ready.  Poor little girl mis-calculated a jump and the two of us ended up laying in the sticky, yet very soft new footing.  We both hoped right up and although covered head to toe in sand we were and are fine.  The other rides I had did very well, Tipper is proving to be a great eventer once again scoring in the 20’s and jumping very well. Rio is starting to be less ADD in the dressage and just loves to jump. SKF Bugsy is showing that he’s quite solid at the novice level with his 3rd place finish.

Robyn Weaver and Jennifer Nunn also moved up to BN… they were champs, hopefully I’ll get them to NJ for their next event! Last but not least Steve B. and Whiplala continue to develop their partnership and as always Steve impresses me with how fast he is coming along in this sport.

The week has already started out with a whirlwind of horse shoppers and in barn training for our newest employees.  Luckily they are all getting the hang of things quite well because I’m playing hookie and off to go camping for a few days at the beach! Bye for now, hopefully I’ll have tan legs next time you see me 🙂