Like most professional riders with a blossoming business Molly Rosin is spending more time in the saddle and less time in front of her computer. Good for you Molly Sue!

That’s where I come in! My name’s Molly Gasiewicz (MJ to all those who know me here on the East Coast) and fortunately for all you Havarah Equestrian and Molly Rosin fanatics I’m going to be blogging ALL of Molly’s updates and news for you all!

We apologize for any delayed news or lack of updates but hopefully with Molly’s riding skills and my writing skills we can keep you in-the-know on a daily basis.

As you know, the horse world (more precisely, Eventing world) is constantly evolving and that’s what makes this sport so exciting. Molly has gladly dedicated her life to these animals and their riders because it is the thrill of watching the two evolve as a team that brings her the most joy.

Molly’s philosophy is a simple but important one: all horses and riders are different. Instead of trying to fit a horse or rider into a mold she prefers to tailor her training programs so both members of the team may succeed.

The horses of Havarah Equestrian, located at Principia Stables, are a perfect example of differences in personalities along with the working students who care for them on a daily basis.

Stay tuned to meet (or be reintroduced) to the horses and riders that make up Havarah Equestrian!

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