Marissa Hughes and ODIE took my advice of “eye of the tiger” and got passed an unfortunate and scary slip in the warm up to hold onto their lead in their first Preliminary to WIN the division!!

Sabrina also had her first Preliminary outing and I couldn’t be a more proud rider/trainer. Sabrina had WAY too much energy and was not her usual graceful self for dressage but after that she was all buisiness and we had a slow but perfect SJ and xc round.

Rivan, competed in his second novice and was second!

Sprite and Beau competed in the Training 3 day – Sprite’s one more year of “life” proved important, as the T3D with the classical format was a bit too much for young Beau. I’m not too concerned, that Pony is going to be somebody someday, he just needs some time. Sprite at 6 years old came in 3rd place and established to me that she is ready to tackle some preliminary in 2011!