Hello all, our fabulous blogger MJ has been away “chillin” with her family in California so I get to up-date you all myself. Apologies in advance, as I’m sure it wont be as entertaining! Since I get to write directly from the horses mouth I thought I’d take this time to have a slight reflection on where I am and how I came to be.

This weekend I competed at the Waredaca HT. This facility in MD holds a full Horse Trials on one day – but two days in a row. Meaning I was in an event on Saturday and a totally new event on Sunday. On Saturday I competed 4 horses and on Sunday I competed 3 “different” horses! I mean how cool is that. There’s no bigger thrill then riding xc, except maybe getting to do it time after time 🙂 This year has been my first year ever to have multiple upper level horses going at the same time. I’ve ridden more than one horse for awhile, but it’s great to see a string of quality eventers developing and gaining confidence from each event.

This of course comes from a lot of efforts from many people. NOTHING would be happening without the wonderful owners. This weekend I rode for Quinn Anderson, Nancy and Alyssa Klavens, Mr and Mrs Benfield, Pamela Liddell and Bryce Kinnamon. THEN of course there’d be no way of getting all of this done with out a fantastic support crew. Hannah Metz is my right hand and she has a few quality girls learning the ropes- Maddie Parisan and Shadney Elwell. PLUS there’s horses at home that have to get cared form- luckily we’ve got Kara and Robyn to keep the peace at the home stead.

What I’m really writing about was the weather. IT was CRAZY. Lightning, thunder, torrential rain and sometimes sun. The show must go on. I’ve learned this from my mom and it was extra special to have her around this weekend to see what she has developed. I remember thinking for a second that some people might actually think I was crazy. Growing up mom instilled in me that if you need something you find a way to make it happen. As my dad was sick for most of my childhood, mom was pretty much a single parent. She never said no when I had the opportunity to do something great. She always found a way to make it happen. That has turned into my life motto, all thanks to mom!

If you havent met my mom, Judy, you really are missing out. She makes a mean brisket, delicious peach cobbler and fantastic STOCK TIES 🙂 In fact we still have a few available to help support Clydes surgery.

Mom leaves on Thursday morning and there’s a lot of us out here that will be anxiously awaiting her return back.


Kynymont’s Grady – 3rd BNH

SPRTE – 4th PH

RIVAN – 7th PH

BENNY – 9th PH

THE DIESEL BOY – 3rd YEH 4 year old

Cody, Indy, Maddie, Andy and Shadney also competed and all did great… tough classes out there!

All for now,

Molly Rosin

p.s. THANK YOU Mike McNally for the awesome SJ pictures!!