This is the weekend we have all been waiting for; the Virginia Horse Trials and CCI.  I’m super excited about this event for many many reasons- you’ll see from the pictures below how far our horses and my riders have come and I am so excited to ride The Klavan’s Puttin on the Ritz and thrilled to coach Maddie and Hannah in their first CCI- it’s a big deal!  Sabrina will be joined this weekend by her new rider, Jenny and Robyn and the Hulmes Annabelle will be enjoying their first away event together.  This weekend we are joined by some very supportive parents and my good friend Alyssa.  

As horse things go you end up with some hard luck surrounding some hopeful good luck.  We endured some scary hard luck on our trip down but I feel that we were in the end extremely lucky.  Traveling down the freeway in the right lane we were rear ended by a man who fell asleep at the wheel.  The horses seem to be doing just fine and I am so happy that they were in a really well built sturdy trailer. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope the horses are still feeling as well, at the end of the day their health is more important than any event.  Fingers crossed for relaxed happy horses tomorrow, brave horses Saturday and careful horses Sunday and SAFE drivers Sunday afternoon on our way home!
Enjoy the pic’s– thanks Alyssa for sharing!