Charly has continued to impress us all with his success out on the east coast; his record now includes a 1st at the Virginia Horse Park, a 2nd at Waredeca and a 2nd just this last weekend at the Groton House Horse Trials. This last weekend was a big test for Charly, his first weekend of competing in wet difficult weather… as his finish can prove he handled it great!

Our plan was that if Charly was doing well then I’d be heading east to ride him under the same conditions that he’s been training under and compete out at the big shows with the big “players” of the east coast. IT’S TIME 🙂

My trip will start on July 3rd, leaving from Clovis and arriving in Illinois on Wednesday at the site of Charly’s next competition. I’ll be bringing back my other horse, Makers Mark and three other horses (and their owners/riders) will be joining for the trip as well. We’ll stay and watch Danny ride Charly at the Maui Jim horse trials and then that Monday head to MD where we’ll call home for the next few months.

Entries go in tomorrow for Charly’s and mine first competition at Millbrook the second weekend of August. I’m so excited to get back in the tack!!!

So at the moment I’m super busy, and a bit overwelmed!!! trying to figure out how to pack for such a long visit…. AND the facility I’m currently staying at in Clovis was robbed, taking many important items, to me the most important being my laptop. Until that is either found or I replace it I am going to be using this email address, since the other one is accessible to whoever is borrowing my laptop, and un-accesible to me. So please use …thanks!

I have a terrific group of students here in California and I want to make sure that everyone gets the help they want/need. I plan on coming home roughly once a month for a 4-5 day period of teaching. Currently I’m thinking the first trip will be July 12th-16th… let me know how these dates work for all of you, and how many lessons you would like with in that time frame.

Please keep in touch and thank all of you for your support!