Im back… again!

In my last post I forgot to mention one of the most rewarding parts of my week at the AEC’s. Last year I sent a student to the AEC’s, I was not able to attend but my student was golden with or without me. Last year Marissa Hughes won the Junior Training aboard her mighty horse Odie. This year Havarah was proud to be connected to another winner. Collin Reynolds and her wonderful horse MIDAS won the Junior Preliminary Championships. Collin is a dear friend of mine at this point because she has moved on to go off to college, I call her a friend and no longer “student”. I hope to have her back in the barn by summer time (maybe even winter breaks!!) but for now she is a “student” at SMU in Texas. Collin has grown into a wonderful woman and has so many years of hard work behind her she earned every prize she won this last weekend. (I think there were a LOT of prizes!!)

Best of luck to Collin in Texas and all of us here at Havarah will keep the light on for ya!