Photo credit to JC Kinnamon

Charly and I have our final qualifications for the CCI *** and are preparing for this big task at Bromont (Canada) in June. It will be the biggest challene that either Charly or I have ever faced and both of us are in total fitness bootcamp for the next few weeks!

I spent a few days in California teaching a clinic at Stanford University and at Eden Ranch in Sanger, Ca. California is fabulous in the spring time, as long as you have on sun-screen… ooops. I really enjoy the trips I get to take to the west coast, teaching is definitely a favorite part of my equestrian life. It’s really a great feeling to be able to help people “learn” and feel how to better their riding and their horses.

I’ve also really enjoyed being able to help some youngsters come to the east coast and get a small “taste” of the differences from coast to coast. This summer Lauren Billys will be coming out to compete her mare and get a bit of work experience in a few different equestrian businesses.