It’s time to take a break from talking about how fantastic Havarah Equestrian is and delve into why Molly Rosin and her business are able to be so awesome: her wonderful, generous sponsors.

Today I’d like to share some information about Molly’s saddle sponsor: CWD Sellier.

A couple years ago Molly was teaching a clinic in California when she climbed atop one of her clients horses, experiencing the soft, supple leather and incredible balance that makes up a CWD saddle for the first time – she was hooked and didn’t want to sit in anything else.

Shortly after Molly was able to gain a sponsorship with CWD and she has been nothing but satisfied. More than being satisfied, since Molly believes in the product so much our barn has started to become a sea of red saddle covers.

Here’s a little info to help you all get better acquainted with these amazing saddles:
“CWD is where tradition and innovation meet. The art of fine craftsmanship…” The CWD range includes traditional jump saddles, mono-flap jump saddles, and dressage saddles. Recently the company came out with its newest saddle called the 2G, the first sports saddle to be made of a composite material. The 2G offers a dynamic carbon tree to allow greater flexibility of the saddle during training. It actually moves with the horse over a jump! CWD also makes bridles, boots, girths, breastplates and more! For more information visit the CWD Website.

Molly rides in a all-calf leather jump saddle and dressage saddle. Being someone who rides multiple horses of all shapes and sizes she has a standard tree and narrow tree in both types of saddle. These saddles see a lot of time atop many horses and they have weathered the hard work beautifully.

In addition, it is incredible how quickly and easily these saddles mold to you as a rider and you don’t have to bare months of that uncomfortable brand-new-leather-feel.

Earlier this year our CWD rep was looking for a facility to train out of, luckily he chose us! We are so grateful to have Andrew Goodwin around for those saddle fitting emergencies and it only allows us to be that much closer to our sponsor!

CWD is somewhat of a younger company in the US, but their experience in Europe along with their dedication to quality and innovation allows them to soar above other companies in their field and Molly is so proud and honored to be a part of this company’s journey.

~Written by Molly Gasiewicz