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Helloooo followers of Havarah Equestrian. I’m Quinn, and I will be an guest blogger for Molly from time to time. I’ve been Molly’s student for several years, and last year Molly rode my horse Sprite (The Wonderpony) Prelim.

This weekend Team Havarah traveled 6 hours to New York to the Millbrook Horse Trials.We brought along The Diesel Boy (aka Leto), Puttin’ on the Ritz (aka Benny), Sprite, Quinn’s horse, and Desert Pepper, Robyn’s horse.
One of the awesome parts of this event was that you really had to do well in all 3 phases to place. It was a good weekend for the horses, and very educational.

“Go McCauley’s” says Molly

Leto, who competed Training Level, started off our fantastic weekend with a 30 in Dressage. He then went on to roar around the cross-country double clear. Leto, however, had some learning to do in stadium. There

Robyn and Pepper

were a few very spooky jumps, but Molly was able to teach him some good things.

Benny, at Preliminary Level, tried very hard in dressage, but unfortuanately didn’t score very well. However, his cross country was awesome, and Molly was thrilled with his improvement. He finished strong with a double clear round over a very difficult stadium course. Even better, his mom, Alyssa Klavan, was there to see him! We are looking forward to a very bright and fun 2013 season with him.
Sprite and Quinn went Training Level and had  a slightly dissapointing dressage, but after that, it was on to the fun stuff! She was a Tiger on cross-country, easily making time and never faltering over the hilly course. She also jumped double clear for a great end to the weekend.
Desert Pepper did very well at his first Novice, and came away a much better horse.
He did a very strong dressage test and was double clean cross-country. His stadium was very educational and I know Robyn and him learned a lot and had a blast.
 John Nunn was also present with his horseSmileLikeYouMeanIt. They had a good weekend and it was fun to see him ride and cheer them on! Nothing like bringing
your sponsor along to a show, right?
In addition to all of our horses, we also had a lot of fun this weekend socially. We made a new friend in Lauren Hoffman and her horse Beckham, who competed Intermediate. We were also lucky to be stabled with some of our Canadian friends, who were very fun. It was great to be able to have Benny’s owners there
Alyssa and Benny
to cheer us on. Another very cool part of the weekend was the Young Rider Team Challenge that Quinn and Sprite were able to participate in. Their team finished third and they were able to meet several other very cool Young Riders.
Many thanks to all of our owners, sponsors, students, and general support team!
We couldn’t do this without you.

And, as always, a little Team Havarah mischief. 🙂