Charly and I went to Stuart this last weekend to figure out where we were in our cross country game, since as you all know Bromont didn’t go very well. Dressage at Stuart went very well, finishing in 3rd – just .2 behind the competitive Jennie Brannigan and the Olympian Leslie Law. (skipping ahead) … Show jumping was the best round Charly and I have ever ever done (on Sunday). The cross country course had many accuracy questions, just as we expected. Charly sailed through all the ones that I had thought would cause us difficulty but we did have 2 run outs at two different combinations. This is so un-like Charly and was quite disappointing. There has been a lot of analyzation going on in my head about why this is happening and I wish that there was an easy answer. After riding show jumping on Sunday I got a feeling on Charly of complete together-ness and I felt like we could do ANYTHING. I keep coming back to the the necessity of teamwork with this horse. And that’s what we need to get created in cross country, again. We have had it in the past and I know we’ll get it again.

Besides Charly Havarah had a grand crew; I rode a fabulous young horse named “Sprite”— she jumped incredibly all weekend and is preparing for Preliminary in ’11. I also was proud coach to two 6th place students in the training level, Katelyn Jackson and Collin Reynolds.