I remember walking the Preliminary course with Molly at the Pine Top Advanced event in Georgia this past winter thinking – Sprite is really going to jump these fences?? They are as big (if not bigger) than she is!

Sprite is a pony with the heart of a giant – and she can jump the moon!

This pony is the product of what happens when a very smart veterinarian needs to utilize a retired race horse and create a perfect horse for her little girl. She’s a 2003 Palomino Connemara/TB Cross owned by the wonderful Quinn Anderson. Though Sprite (or Spritely as we call her) spends half of her time jumping tables the size of herself with Molly, the other portion of her life involves fox hunting and competing Beginner Novice with Quinn.

She definitely attracts a crowd as this mighty mare walks into a ring, ready to attack every fence. As she exits, Molly usually receives comments such as: “Wow, that thing can jump! Where can I get one of those?”

Watching Sprite jump is absolutely incredible. Envision an adorable ball of energy almost skipping to the base of a 3’6 fence and then out of nowhere shoots into the air like a spring. What’s even more incredible is how easily she makes the distances… let’s just say this girl doesn’t have that typical, short pony stride.

Beyond her talents Sprite is probably the sweetest horse in the barn. She possesses that perfect, pony look that says “love me”. Plus, between her big doe eyes, blonde eyelashes and the cutest whinny I’ve ever heard, she is the perfect kids pony – until you let her loose on a cross country course.

Quinn is our youngest owner at 13 years old, but she is smart about her pony’s future and very passionate. When Sprite won a blue ribbon at a Sporting Days Combined Test in Aiken, SC the words “SHE DID!” could be heard very clearly from Molly’s phone (it wasn’t on speaker…).

Owning a remarkable pony isn’t Quinn’s only claim to fame, she is also a very talented rider. Look out for her at events this season on Sprite and her newest partner-in-crime Google!

Thanks to Quinn and Kathy Anderson for allowing Molly to compete such a wonderful athlete!

– Molly Gasiewicz