It’s official Havarah Equestrian is back in full swing at Principia Stables in Kirkwood, Pa.

We had a fabulous Sunday at the Fair Hill dressage show put on by Delaware Pony Club As a graduate pony clubber I love to attend these events as I know how much it helps out the clubs and their members.

Our horses and riders benefited from the time in the ring and the very valuable insight by the judges. Puttin on the Ritz tried his hand at his first training level dressage tests as he’ll be moving up to training at Plantation this weekend. The Diesel Boy received a 1st and 2nd and is showing me that he really has as much potential as we all thought when we purchased him from Mousehouse Farm. Sabrina did some lovely Preliminary dressage tests and I’m thrilled to be getting her ready for the CIC * later on this month.

My students- John Nunn, Kim Parisan, Quinn Anderson and Jennifer Nunn all did extremely well…. go HAVARAH!

TODAY is amazing. First time since we’ve gotten home from Aiken that we’ve been able to take the horses “out”. I now remember why I love it so much here in Kirkwood! Great ground, hills, woods, creeks and natural jumps all within one ride. Amazing.