Tis the season for a little (sometimes a lot!) of rain and sun to give us eventers what we love best….good ground for training and competing.

This time of the year we are doing a lot of hill work to either help the youngsters get stronger to develop their “canter” or the hills can also be used to give the older horses the sprints they need to be ready for their spring 3 day events.  I hope that our program has worked as this next week I have 3 horses entered in the VA CCI event in Lexington VA.  At the one star level I feel you don’t really know how much conditioning work your horse needs as this will be the first maximum exertion they’ve ever had on course.  I have one TB going and 2 warmblood crosses.  To be honest I felt the TB would get fit the easiest and at the moment I’m not thinking that was the case!

Leading up to this coming event all my horses have done winer flat work, then long slow canter sets, a handful of horse trial events and now hill work.

I’m absolutely thrilled to get the ride on these three great horses and I hope that I do them justice this coming week.  I’ll be keeping posts up-dated on my MK Equestrian FB page/Twitter… so if you have time follow along 🙂