The April clinic in the central valley was a huge success. We had three gorgeous days with lessons at El Encanto and at Sport Equine; Sue Rice and the Davis’s have been big supporters of our Havarah group and I can’t thank them enough. Both have spent endless hours creating fantastic sport horse facilities, highly appreciated…thank you!!! As a whole the riders worked on learning the feel of having an appropriately balanced horse for the task on hand. Just ask Jenn Whiting how tiresome that can be, she actually had to take off work the following day because her body was so sore!

I don’t have all of the final placings from the April Ram Tap horse trials; so I’m not even going to try to list them out, hopefully one day we’ll get Bill to put results up on his websites! I do know that we had a first, a fourth (or maybe a few fourths) and many other placings very near by. I also know that I heard from many of my little spys that my group was organized, friendly, safe and well prepared… I think those are some of the best words a trainer could hear 🙂

Below are some the competition photos from Ram Tap.

Jestine is pictured here with one of my favorite young horses, “Houston”. Houston represents the ideal young TB, quiet, smart and a lovely jumper… BTW he’s for sale and I think he needs a home in Havarah… anyone looking ????

John Marshall put tears in all of our eyes as he finished the weekend on a very respectable dressage score with no penalties added from XC or SJ… great work John, you’ve come a long way!

Maddy and Tigger (one of the cutest ponies to ever live!) are a brand new partnership and Val Burch (Maddy’s trainer) has done a fantastic job preparing them for their first event.