C’mon South Carolina! The eventers flocking South for the winter would appreciate some beautiful weather!

Well, despite the fear of Sporting Days being canceled due to tornado warnings (Yikes!) – the Havarah crew made it to Sporting Days and were hopefully dry for most of the day thanks to their Outback Trading Company Clothing!

Leto and Molly rocked their first training level event with a 32 in dressage and a double clear jumping round.

Molly ran Rivan in the training/prelim division to give him a good go cross country with the hopes of a more quiet and relaxed go. Well, they succeeded, and Rivan rocked it and won his division.

Maddie, who has been working extremely hard on her dressage pulled out a fantastic score of 28, and with two unlucky rails stadium ended up in 5th place.

John was a proud Papa with Smilelikeyoumeanit, having a calm and quiet dressage test then beautifully jumping around stadium earning him the red ribbon of second place.

But the weekend’s not over!

Molly will compete Bugsy tomorrow along with Piney. Hannah will compete Zhen and Robyn will ride Fabio. John will also have another go on his younger horse, Red Horse Harry.

So keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget to keep your thoughts on those Havarah competitors tomorrow! (And do a counter-rain dance for… well… no rain).