The Havarah group had a blast this last weekend in Santa Ynez; I love having such a fun group to be with at the shows. Many thanks to the parents for all of their help, we had a super cute hang-out area that was always stocked with great food…who could ask for more!!! Robert Metzger quickly became our official team photographer and soon I will have some photos of the weekend to share with everyone; props to him, they are very impressive 🙂 As for the end all placings, we had two wins this weekend, congratulations to Debbie Davis and also to Makers Mark (my training level horse) 🙂 … GO HAVARAH! I am very proud of how well everyone rode this last weekend, we definately have a group to watch out for. Congrats to the rest of my competitors, Lauren Billys, Jestine Burch (2), Kelsey Collins, Rebecca Davis and Alyssa Billys.