A few weeks ago MKE riders, owners and neighbors joined together for a very inspirational presentation on Sports Psychology.  Shannon Thompson was like bright light on what can sometimes be a bit of a dim subject!  Having grown up in the equestrian world she’s been through many similar situations to what many of us face.  Adding to her personal experience as an equestrian she now has a degree in psychology and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology.  Her practice and research has focused on the latest in performance enhancement; human thriving and high achievement.

The presentation was so informative and whats even better is that Shannon really grasped the audience and created as much interaction as the time could allow.  It became obvious that no matter the sport you’re in or the level at which you are aspiring to work towards; we all could benefit from finding ways to help ourselves get through the good times AND the challenging times!  Learning about how we can help ourselves perform at our best and train through the more difficult areas of our sport was simply fascinating. It was inspirational for me to watch and listen to Shannon as she shared with us some of her methods that she uses to help athletes balance the need for excellence and enjoyment.

This coming Tuesday, May 19th, Shannon will be back in the area and has some individual and “paired” time slots available.  This is open to those that were able to attend the presentation and to any one that would just like to get some time in discussing the mental game of any type of athletic endeavor.  Shannon definitely works well with us equestrian types, however, she has spent much of her career working with athletes in many other fields.  In fact Shannon will soon be based out of an Olympic training facility to work hand in hand with those high caliber athletes.

If anyone is interested in a session with Shannon please email me at Molly@mkequestrian.com; private and semi private sessions available.  Location will be 350 Sproul Rd; Kirkwood, PA 17536