OK. Before I go any further, is that not the cutest name you’ve ever heard of for a pony!

Shananigans came to Havarah on a mission to find his new partner-in-crime and we are happy to have helped him find Alex, an 11-year-old Midwestern boy from Chicago that purchased this 8 year old Connemara pony just last week.

Alex has already had incredible success as a rider cleaning up the ribbons at dressage for juniors in New York. A talented rider of the future, Alex was looking for a pony who could help him further his dreams and take him to the top!

Alex, Shananigan’s New Owner

Shananigans is a pony who fancies himself a horse. This lovely-moving Connnemara has a solid dressage base thanks to his previous owner and breeder, Pam Liddell. In fact, at their last show, Shananigans and Pam scored in the upper 70’s!

When Shananigans met Alex it was a match made in heaven. Alex, a natural rider and a fancy pony – it was perfection from there forward.

All of us at Havarah are happy to have helped make this match. Molly always enjoys helping Pam Liddell and Kynynmont Connemaras sell a wonder horse (or pony). Thanks Pam for all your continued support of Molly and we all love the beautiful horses you breed and bring to Havarah Equestrian.

To Alex:

We are so excited for your new partnership! You have just purchased a wonderful mount and the two of you will go very far together! Enjoy the ride – from the beginning to the end – you will never forget a great pony, or a great friend. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the spotlight in the coming years!

For more information on horses for sale through Havarah Equestrian or to inquire about Connemaras at our farm contact molly@mollyrosin.com.