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Whether working one on one with a horse or helping a rider with their horse, Molly believes in the developing a full partnership from the ground up. Molly is an ICP Level II instructor and Pony Club “A” graduate who has been teaching for the past 2 decades.  She teaches riders of all levels and enjoys creating training plans with attainable goals. 

Along with teaching dressage, xc and Show jumping lessons, Molly has also been working with riders to help them achieve more harmony in their rides by utilizing correct biomechanics.  

If would like to have Molly out to teach at your facility or to join in at one of the existing teaching locations please send an email to





Coaching Nationally Recognized Riders

Molly has produced several nationally recognized partnerships including being a previous coach to Lauren Billys on her horse, Ballingowan Ginger and Camilla Grover Dodge with her horse Remington XXV. 

During Camilla’s time training with Molly, she and Remington went on to becoming the 2015 NAJYR Double Gold Medalists at  the  CCI 1* in Lexington, Kentucky.

Lauren has since gone on to represent the US territory of Puerto Rico at the 2015 Pan Am Games as well as the 2016 Olympic games!

Photo credit of student Camilla Grover-Dodge and Remington winning double gold at the 2015 NAYRC!
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Competing groom pic- working students:owner


Molly has competed horses of all ages and experience levels for the past 30+ years and enjoys watching the horses progress as she helps teach them to stay relaxed and confident at competitions. If you need your horse to get some mileage and experience, or if you’d like someone to help your horse move up the levels, Molly can map out appropriate goals and improve your horse’s training!






Molly enjoys helping people find “the” horse to take them wherever they want to go!  She also takes equal pleasure in helping find each horse “their” person.  If you are interested in selling or buying a horse, Molly will be able to help make this experience enjoyable and productive for you.

During the 2015 season MK Equestrian sold the event pony BeauJeste to junior rider Olivia Hayes.  This pair went on to win the 2015 USEA Overall Pony of the Year, receiving the Theodore O’Connor Trophy!

Sales Commissions

10% commission applies for buying or selling your horse.

Contact or call 559-287-7285 to discuss training board, a lesson or a clinic!