It was a busy day for the Havarah crew yesterday at Seneca with eight horses. But it was a good one.

Molly claimed first place on Kynymont Sterling O’Grady and in the same division she took fourth on Delaware Love Doctor which is awesome considering this was his first event!

Her other two rides on Kynymont Cody and Alpine were good as well, just a couple of green moments with both horses but they will only continue to get better!

Bryce and Hannah were pretty proud of their rides at their first recognized event with their mounts. Both came in seventh and had great rides.

Miss Maddie gave Zia an incredible first show and they finished up double clean cross country and show jumping!

Lastly, Robin was a rock star for her first time grooming at a show. With Hannah riding, it was up to her to make those horses sparkle and she did a great job!

The crew was running around like energizer bunnies today furiously packing for the American Eventing Championships. Halters were fuzzified so no one gets nasty rubs on the 14 hour ride to GA, Molly’s entire tack room (well pretty much) was loaded into the trailer and all four horses were getting prepped for travel.

Now it’s time for the crew to hit the road tonight and drive straight through the long hours. The crew will arrive at Chattahoochee Hills tomorrow and then it will be a crazy buzz to get all the horses settled in and the tack room set up.

Again, if you’re going to be down south for the AEC make sure to say hi! Otherwise stay tuned because I’m sure it’s going to be a crazy good time with lots to talk about!