This year for the MKE Aiken 2017 season we were lucky to take with us great horses and equally as interesting 2 legged helpers 🙂


In December of 2016 Teagan Przyborowski came to MKE with her fancy, big, and athletic Irish horse, Master.  With less than 2 months in Pa to get accustomed to our program, Teagan made the trek with us to Aiken to be part of the core team to care for, train and ride the 14 horses we took down for winter training.  Aiken is always an exceptionally busy time and this year was no different.  Having said that I feel like we accomplished as much or more than ever; all of the horses gained a ton of experience and came home in great health.  


We have all grown quite fond of this girl, and I think it’s safe to say she made some life long friendships.  I look forward to seeing her off and about about shows and for training sessions and am proud of her for heading home to take care of the all important scholastic education!


Some quotes from a few of Teagans co-workers and buddies 🙂

“The girl is small but mighty; a very talented rider who can ride anything!” Emma O’Connor

“Despite how long or grueling of a day she had, Teagan always found a way to make it a good time. Not only could she be very focused and determined, she taught us all that every now and again its good to unleash the silly side out of us!” Katie Mays

“So thankful she gave Rio his daily jelly beans” Carsan Rucci


If the quotes don’t give you a good enough image of Miss Teagan I think these pictures should speak volumes!  A great tail braider, a very good friend, and a true horse crazy kid…