Piney and Bugsy were Molly’s mounts yesterday. Piney finished on her dressage score and really had a great show. Bugsy had a green stop at the water cross country, but Robyn says he is just such a cool horse and is fun to watch – even with the green moments.

Bryce and Toulousse had a lot of fun together – and this was Bryce’s first show in Aiken! Taking a break from the 9 to 5 to play with his man who’s been under Molly’s wing this past month. They finished in 9th place in their novice division.

Unfortunately John didn’t have the best go, but he proved that Red Horse Harry is ready for Prelim ditches!

Zhen and Hannah were the stars of this show according to Robyn. What a huge improvement and this was her first novice! She had a great dressage and her double clear rounds allowed her to claim 3rd place. Way to go banana!

Robyn was truthful that this wasn’t her and Fabio’s best performance, but she still had a very upbeat and positive attitude towards the whole deal which is great to hear.

They were both tense for dressage, and had a few stops in both the jumping phases and a rail. But she understands this is the name of the game with horses and also she was just so happy to have everyone there cheering her on.

There’s one month left to go and the crew will be hitting Full Gallop this coming weekend.

Robyn said Molly started making plans for the trip home already and she wanted to cover her ears and say “blah blah blah” because she’s not ready to come home.

It’s really awesome to hear that everyone is having so much fun in Aiken – it’s such a great experience and if you haven’t gotten the chance to go you should definitely take the trip!

That’s all for now. MJ signing off!