The witty, no-pun-intended-title really says it all. Molly is sponsored by a company that makes saddle pads.

But this isn’t just any company, it’s EcoGold!

From the horse’s mouth: “By using the latest developments in textile technology and smart design, we are able to make the most advanced products to give horses a competitive edge.” – EcoGold

But what does this mean? There’s always the latest and greatest thing with horses, and well of course Apple as well.

EcoGold’s difference comes from the teams expansive career, over 40 years, in developing and creating high performance fabrics.

They also have various lines for a horse and rider’s various needs because let’s face it. We humans come in all shapes and sizes but horses are sometimes twice as hard to fit! Here’s their range:

– the Frictionless™ line to prevent friction
-the Stabilizer™ line to keep the saddle stable
-the WitherCare™ line for high-withered horses and solve saddle-fitting issues
-the Secure™ line to make eventing safer
And Protective Horse Boots provide superior impact protection without compromising on breathability, flexibility or comfort.

Molly’s Favorite line???? “ALL OF THEM! I’ve used each pad, in different instances. However, I say that no barn should be without the front and rear risers- these are definitely a necessity at one time or another!”

All of EcoGold’s products are 100 percent breathable, hypoallergenic, quickly evaporate moisture and do not compress or slip reducing the effect of friction and hair loss.

Molly has been riding in EcoGold since 2008. There are many instances that these pads are not only nice to use but necessary. Havarah’s Charly had some of the most sensitive skin around and when using the eco gold pads he never ever got a rub. This says A LOT!

In addition, when conducting saddle fittings, or to figure out how her students and their horses are most comfortable, Molly will play with the EcoGold pads and inserts to figure out the pair’s needs.

We all love how light-weight the pads are and how quickly they air out. At competitions we are flying through and re-using saddle pads. There’s nothing I hate more than putting a heavy, wet pad back on a horse, so it’s nice to take a pad off, let it air and then re-use it in a short amount of time without so much guilt.

Thanks EcoGold for your sponsorship of Molly and we at Havarah are happy to use your products!