Well it seems Aiken/Georgia is trying to avoid the threat of a drought as it was another rainy day for dressage.

The Havarah girls toughed it out and stayed dry awaiting Sabrina’s dressage test.

Sabrina, competing in Intermediate, kept solid through a somewhat sloppy warm-up and pulled out a 37 in dressage.

Everyone was really proud of her, seeing as the footing wasn’t perfect and she was up against some steep competition.

She was supposed to go cross country today, but she will instead do show jumping and cross country tomorrow.

Benny will also start his weekend tomorrow in the preliminary division with dressage.

Thanks to Nunn Finer and Outback Trading Company for providing wonderful rain gear to keep the Havarah crew dry today!

For those of you who are new to Outback, the Pak-A-Roo Parka and Pak-A-Roo Riding Jacket are great for wet, miserable days. For more info go to Outback Trading Co.’s Website.