Life has a funny way of reminding you what you should really be thankful for.  My reminder has come through the love and compassion of a feline animal named Squints.

Squints had watched over this farm for her many 20 some ++ years, she knew it better than any other.  She could tell when it was time for fun, when things were serious and most importantly yet she knew the how to deal with grief.

I have many Squints memories and am so thankful for having been allowed the opportunity to have enjoyed this amazing kitty.  One of my favorite memories was when she decided that having always been a barn cat she wanted to try the good life inside. At this point we had just lost our wonderful long companion Quigley and Clyde was a lonely sad puppy.  Squints could tell that Clyde, myself and my loving husband needed a pick me up.  Squints provided plenty of this- she even enjoyed being Clydes nap buddy.  During this time Bryce and I would take Clyde out for walks around the farm trying to get him out of his slump from losing his buddy (or perhaps to get us out of our slump!) – Squints decided she was one of the family and that she would join in on the walks to.  Clyde would dart back and forth and run as fast as he could and there was Squints, a little slow, but steadily following along to join in on the outing.

Squints was here at the farm when it was INSPO and she stayed here as it transitioned into Principia Stables- I think Squints has more stories and more friends than I even dare to try and comprehend.  Please on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day take the time to remember some fond moments you had with MS. Wise and Wonderful Squints.

With much thanks to everyone I am so lucky to have come across and those that I am so thankful to be surrounded with- all of you with your wisdom and kindness are true inspirations to me in so many ways.

Happy Hanukah and Happy Thanksgiving.

RIP Wise and Wonderful Squints.