The following excerpt is shared with us from Kelcey Collins, one of the California Havarah girls. Kelcey’s grandmother shared her passion for horses and was a fantastic supporter of Kelcey and all the Havarah riders. We will all miss Louise. Thanks for sharing Kelcey!

My grandma, Francis Louise Smith

passed away Nov,17th 2008. She and Tom Smith her husband of more
than 50 years purchased a horse for me when
I was in 8th grade after growing out of my leased pony. Three
day eventing has always been my passion, and without my
grandparents help, I might have never been able to have my own
horse and do what I love best. My grandma LOVED George ( My
faithful Paint Horse gone “eventer”), and often times loved to
spoil him with carrots she would purchase at the market. As I
continue to ride, I cant help but feel my grandma looking down
upon me
enjoying every moment of the partnership that I share with the
horse SHE bought for me.

” Grandma there is not a day that passes that i dont think of you.
However, each day out at the barn, I cant help but feel you
sneaking carrots over my should to George. Cancer slowed your body,
but it NEVER slowed your spirit.