Saturdays schedule

For this coming Saturday at Ram Tap; please show up at the metal container by the “tower” 7:30am or earlier; Judy Rosin will be there to check you in and give you a Ram Tap buck.

Val Burch, scribe @ arena #1 all day ending at 2:24
Rosella Hunter, scribe @ arena #2 morning shift, arena #5 12:00-1:40pm
Natalie Pitts, scribe @ arena #2 12:40-2:40
Blair Rotert scribe @ arena #4 all day
John Marshall scribe @ arena #5 morning shift RING STEWARD arena #2 12:30-1:50; #3 1:50-2:40
Terry Vaughter ring steward arena #1 all day
Judy Rosin ring steward arena #2 morning shift ending at 11:42
Cassie Harkins ring steward arena #4/#5 all day

Thank you all soooo much!

Sunday is still in progress, I am looking for more helpers… if you can help 7:30-1pm please let me know 🙂