Molly, Quinn, and Maddie packed up and headed to Morven Park on Friday to give Sabrina another run at Intermediate and Quinn a go at Novice.

Molly had a great dressage ride on Sabrina scoring a 36 and only had a couple rails stadium on a very sloppy course due to mother nature’s persistent rain.

Molly was hoping to use Morven as a stepping stone to qualify Sabrina for the Dansko Fair Hill International CCI2* this October, however Sabrina didn’t feel quite right so Molly decided to withdraw from cross country.

Sabrina will now get a well-deserved break and will aim for the Jersey Fresh 2* in May. She’ll of course start back up in Aiken but now gets to hang out and be a horse for a little bit.

Molly’s students, Quinn and Nancy, on the other hand both had some good rides making Molly a very proud trainer this past weekend.

Stay tuned for a recap from Molly to get her insights to the weekend!

~Molly Gasiewicz