Well with the arrival of John Nunn, the Aiken crew is now 100 percent complete and ready to rock the ring.

The crew loaded up the ponies and ventured off to try their hand in the hunter/jumper ring.

Robyn and Fabio competed in a couple 2’9 and 3’0 classes – but she admits she hasn’t really been to a lot of these types of shows and had to be instructed by Maddie as to what a jump-off is. But she had a lot of fun and definitely thinks her and Fabio both learned a ton.

This was Hannah’s first show ever with Zhen and Robyn assures they totally killed it as a team. Robyn said Hannah came out of that ring with confidence just radiating from her, and it was cool to see her so excited.

Maddie and Carson impressed everyone (as usual with this pair) and brought home multiple blue ribbons, which is pretty standard when this duo hits the jumper ring.

Maddie also won the “Ride-A-Buck”. Rid-A-What? Apparently this is when everyone rides around bareback sitting on a dollar bill or “buck” and whoever doesn’t lose their buck wins.

Molly took Sabrina and Bugsy. This was Bugsy’s first show and Robyn said he jumped around fabulously and is SUCH a good jumper!

Red Horse Harry was John Nunn’s choice mount this show. He’s the greener of the two but John says he’s easier to show jump than his training level horse.

Robyn commented on how John definitely brought a lot of positive energy down with him to Aiken and he exerts it at every moment.

However, it sounds like everyone is full of positive energy – and maybe getting a little high on too much Vitamin D… ;). Robyn again commented on how she loves being down in Aiken and training with Molly, who is always patient and pays attention to detail.

Next stop? Full Gallop on Wednesday with Bugsy and Piney for their first real events in Aiken at Baby Novice! As always, stay tuned for the next update.

For a monthly treat, Molly will also be blogging for PRO, so you can find her blogs here at the Professional Riders Organization.