Our apologies to interrupt the horse profile series here on the Havarah Blog site but we thought you all might want to know how our youngsters did today!

The Diesel Boy – Baby Leto – put on his big boy pants today and jumped like a superstar! Being only four, Leto is at the beginning of his eventing career and we have high hopes for him! He finished in 3rd for Beginner Novice Horse.

Hannah and Anna’s Band had a successful second run. Hannah has been bringing her young thoroughbred mare along and after her second starter trials Anna is proving to look forward to the cross country phase most.

Quinn Anderson did very well on both her mounts: Google and Sprite, she got 4th on both! Look out for this girl and her dynamo ponies!

Jenn Nunn and her spotted mare Maiden had a wonderful dressage test scoring in the 20’s.

Barb Strang competed her young four-year-old Judgement baby who is for sale and had a good go.

Last but not least is Hope, one of the newest horses in training with Molly. I believe this was one of Hope’s first events and she shows much promise in this sport finishing 4th in Beginner Novice Horse!

The Havarah Team will be XC Schooling back at Plantation tomorrow and though we are going to gain some valuable experience on these rolling hills, we are more so looking forward to helping benefit the Fire Relief Funds for True Prospect Farm.

See you all there!