CONGRATS goes out to Jennifer Nunn on not only starting and finishing her first Beginner Novice but RECIEVING a lovely red ribbon!!! This pair has worked very hard over the summer to develop a strong bond and Miss Jennifer worked pretty hard at getting stronger legs! Pony Club camp and some working student days at Principia Stables must’ve paid off 🙂

We had a really great day overall-
Lynn Fern had a reunion with eventing, first time out in 10 or so years (not an exact count, but it’s been awhile!). The Red Baron remembered all about the sport and the two of them looked pretty polished. I’m very proud of “Rudy” as he started the sport with me and I told him that it’s now his responsibility to make sure his mother has “FUN”. I think he came through.
Bryce Kinnamon has been doing the weekend warrior eventing training to the max (he cheats a bit and comes out on Wednesday’s as well). He took a very green BIG TB from spooky to bold in just a couple of months. The last cross country schooling we did before Plantation nearly brought tears to my eyes wathcing this team crusie around like an Intermediate combo, impressive is all I have to say. On the day of the event, dressage still matters, and that is still a work in progress… but if it was a show about jumping, they’d have won!
Last but not least my colorful ride was a blast. Kristine Strecker’s “Harmony” came out for a tune-up before Kristine takes over the competition reins next season. Harmony is a colorful Irish Paint mare and is a saintly soul at a young age. However, she hasn’t done much competing and did get a bit tense before the dressage as a herd of bright green bikers came flying by. She pulled herself together for a decent test and was a gem over the jumps, one rail down…oops.

Pictures to come.