Thomson, Georgia holds a fabulous event that I was lucky enough to compete three very nice horses at this last weekend.

Sabrina, a warm-blood mare I’ve been training for the last year has officially moved up to Preliminary and become a very solid event horse. I’m so proud of her and the progress that she has made. This mare loves this sport.

Spite, a Connemara/TB cross owned by Quinn Anderson, is quickly becoming well known on the east coast for her crazy amazing jumping ability and her some-times equally wild antics. She’s all that and then some 🙂 Sprite jumped around the training level with ease and if the next two weeks go well, we will be trying out the Pine Top Preliminary course!!!

Rivan, a Contango son owned by Pamela Benfield, is new to eventing and has quickly moved onto training level. He is still learning the ways of the world for jumping but its seems very easy for him and his absolutely enjoys it. This training level had plenty of questions and he seemed to really take to the challege!